European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA)

Investing for Impact

Founded in 2004 by Doug Miller and some colleagues from the world of Private Equity, EVPA is a vibrant community of organizations that share the same vision and a common goal: create positive impact on a social level through venture philanthropy (Strategic Philanthropy).

The EVPA community has increased its membership by more than 50% in the past five years. Currently, EVPA has more than 320 members from 30 countries, mainly in Europe, but also from the United States, the Middle East and Asia.

EVPA's headquarters is located in Brussels, Belgium, but its team extends to different countries on the continent such as the United Kingdom, France or Poland.

Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN)

Moving Capital Towards Impact

AVPN was created in 2014 by Doug Miller, this is a network that sees social investment as a continuum that brings together everything from philanthropy and venture philanthropy (strategic philanthropy) to impact investing, corporate social responsibility and sustainable investment, this vision is called the “Continuum of Capital”.

AVPN currently has more than 600 members from different countries in Asia, in addition to Australia and the United States.

The main headquarters are in Singapore, but the team works to assist its members from several countries in the continent such as India, the Philippines, Indonesia, China, South Korea, Japan and Australia.

African Venture Philanthropy Alliance (AVPA)

AVPA, like LatImpacto, is also a network whose creation in 2019 was facilitated by the team of the International Venture Philanthropy Center (IVPC). AVPA's mission is to improve lives in Africa by increasing the flow of financial, human and intellectual capital towards social investment, allowing investors to deploy their capital more efficiently.

AVPA is currently in its launch phase, where they are searching for founding members.

This network is being managed from Nairobi, Kenya, but has representatives in Nigeria and South Africa.


Latimpacto will begin to offer memberships in the upcoming months. Any organization that commits to deploying financial, human and intellectual resources more effectively to increase impact in Latin America will be eligible to join the network once it is formally launched.

There are important reasons to join this Network, since investment for impact is a proven approach that will allow:

  • There are important reasons to join this Network, since strategic philanthropy and social investment - Venture Philanthropy - is a proven approach that will allow:

  • Stimulate social innovation and new solutions to challenging problems.

  • Increase the scale of high-impact, non-profit organizations.

Founding Partners

All those who join the network during the first twelve months from its launch will be designated as Founding Partners thereafter, in recognition of their decisive role in getting this effort off the ground.

The Founding Partners are visionary organizations that understand the challenges that exist for the sector at the local and regional level and recognize the added value in issues of knowledge and connectivity that the Latin American Network for Strategic Philanthropy and Social Investment can contribute, and therefore assume leadership in the construction of this platform and therefore the transformation of the ecosystem of the region.

Being a Founding Partner of Latimpacto will have specific benefits:

  • Number of attendees per event, early-birds for regional events, invitations to private events of the Asian and European networks, participation in case studies, among other things.

  • Exclusive networking opportunities with experts and organizations from within and outside the region.

  • Public recognition as Founding Partner in network events and communications.


Latimpacto is currently seeking seed funding from organizations, friends and partners throughout the region. We invite you to become a strategic founding partner of this powerful platform by contributing to this network to transform the ecosystem of social impact in Latin America.

IVPC mobilizes 40% of such financing, complementing the 60% that comes from funds from Latin American organizations. If you are interested in being one of the founding partners, contact us at: