Companies and the academy facing COVID-19

Latimpacto, together with the Ibero-American General Secretariat (SEGIB), the Ibero-American Business Council (CEIB) and the Ibero-American Federation of Young Entrepreneurs (FIJE) organized the webinar 

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Inspirational Talk María Ángeles León

A life story that goes from philanthropy to investing for impact, guided by life lessons and humility. 

María Ángeles is co-founder and president of the Open Value Foundation, which has multiple areas and activities under the motto “We open opportunities, we open minds”. In addition, she founded Global Social Impact, a global impact investment firm. In her work, she applies a hybrid model between traditional philanthropy and private capital investment, which supports, measures, manages and scales social impact.

María Angeles is a Board Member of our sister network -EVPA- and supports efforts towards the creation of the african network -AVPA-. 

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New Funding Models for Social Investors

On October 22 was held the webinar "New Funding Models for Social Investors", with Ben Powell from Agora Partnerships, Sarah Agha Ashby - CEO of World Impact Foundation, and Wesley Meier - CEO of EOS International. 

Agora Partners shareed its new investment model, which combines philanthropic capital, intermediaries and financial instruments to align the interests of investors, SPO and intermediaries.

This event was inspired by the recently published article by Ben Powell published in SSRI: "Social Entrepreneurship Needs a New Funding Model".

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Corporate Social Initiative

This webinar was organized on September 2, 2020 by Latimpacto, in partnership with EVPA, in order to discuss the role of Corporate Social Investors (CSI) in supporting social and environmental causes and how they could better be aligned to achieve more positive impact. Invited speakers included: Steven Serneels, Sophie Faujour and Karoline Heitmann from EVPA, Carolina Suárez from Latimpacto, Lorena Guillé from Fundación FEMSA, and Guillaume Vaudescal from Renault.

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