Latimpacto supports a variety of specific programs and services, all aimed at helping social investors create greater impact, leveraging the experience of the Asian and European Venture Philanthropy networks:



The Knowledge Center and Latimpacto Academy aims to offer know-how to catalyze greater social and environmental impact. To achieve this, it promotes the creation and curation of content, learning, and experiences to strengthen the ecosystem of social investment and strategic philanthropy.


  • Latimpacto Academy (training): We create and share knowledge.


  • Research, case studies, and publications: We curate, capture, promote knowledge, experiences, and best practices. 


  • Peer learning: We amplify and enhance the knowledge of our members

Ecosystem Development


We make financial capital more impactful by facilitating new connections for greater collaboration and co-investment in Latin America.


  • “Porimpacto” is the first platform of its kind that showcases the best investment options for impact and collaboration across the entire chain of social investors from philanthropists to impact investment funds, connecting the continuum of available capital in Latin America.


  • Engaging new social investors, continuously attracting, influencing and catalyzing an emerging social investment community, and thereby increasing the flow of impact capital.


  • Supporting social investors by collaboration and co-creation tools through the capital continuum.  As such, we hope to promote new sources of impact financing instruments.

Public policy


Our goal is to engage governments and decision makers to advance policies that create and foster a more conducive environment so that philanthropy and social investment can be deployed more effectively to support high impact social purpose organizations for the benefit of society.


  • We aim to support the development of policies, regulations and standards that promote and facilitate social investment for those organizations seeking to improve the quality of life among communities most in need and those protecting the environment and biodiversity through strategically designed products, services, and interventions with the tools to show the positive change they cause.


  • In addition, we seek to create policies that promote transparency relating to social investment and philanthropy in order to increase a sense of responsibility and ethical behavior in the sector.


  • Engage governments to discuss policies that create a more conducive environment for philanthropy and social investment.