Latimpacto supports a variety of specific programs and services, all aimed at helping social investors create greater impact, leveraging the experience of the Asian and European Venture Philanthropy networks:

Increasing connectivity, helping social investors connect, learn from each other, and partner. This is done through global, regional, and smaller convenings and webinars.

  • EVPA and AVPN convene ~ 1800 social investors annually from 50+ countries, with 200+ inspirational speakers, 20+ webinars. AVPN has hosted 200 events in 3 years.

Capturing and disseminating knowledge and best practices for a greater impact, through the establishment of a robust Knowledge Center. Learning and capacity building will be enabled through the above events and webinars, in addition to expert roadshows, seminal publications and issue-themed convenings on topics such as education, fintech, ageing, youth employment, health.

  • EVPA/AVPN have published 50+ seminal publications (all free) including leading pieces in Corporate Social Investment, the Continuum of Capital, and others.

Training and capacity development for practitioners on topics such as Venture Selection/Due Diligence, Funding Models, Portfolio Management, Impact Measurement, and others.

  • Excellent training academies in both Europe and Asia which can be deployed in Latin America. 100% approval rating from delegates in Europe; Major online provider in Asia.