To propose and scale comprehensive solutions to the quality of education in Latin America and the Caribbean, through innovative investments that bring together new philanthropists, impact investors, corporations and other actors committed to this issue.

How do we do it?

We connect and work with leaders in the education sector to build funding models for high-impact initiatives in education-related causes.

Demonstrate that there are ways beyond welfare to advance in the construction of programs that improve the quality of life and access to educational services.

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Early childhood

Conversation space with Eva Fernández Garza Manager of Social Investment in Early Childhood - FEMSA Foundation

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Science has proven that early childhood is by far the most important stage for the formation of human capital. Addressing the root causes of inequality and violence, and putting Latin America on the path to development and justice is possible if we ensure that early childhood is at the center of the public agenda of our countries. Only by collaborating with each and every sector will we pave the way for our region to be the best place to be born, grow and prosper.

At FEMSA Foundation, we fight systemic problems today for the prosperity of the next generations. That is why for more than 5 years we have embraced Early Childhood as one of our key causes and we are committed to promoting the development of children from 0 to 6 years old in Latin America by improving interactions with their caregivers, their public spaces, and the policies that favor their well-being, with a focus on the communities where our company has a presence.

Addressing the root causes of inequality and violence and putting Latin America on the path to development and justice is possible.

Latimpacto has been the ideal partner to re-imagine, re-think and co-create solutions to the challenges posed by early childhood care. Its systemic perspective, visionary thinking and knowledge of impact investing has broadened our vision, strengthened our capacities and connected us with leaders in the region and internationally with whom we have begun to build bonds of trust and collaboration, fundamental elements to make real change happen.

On August 31, we held our first Early Childhood Learning Circle co-led by our member:

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