We maximize the deployment of capital directed
to generate impact in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We share our vision with the great leaders who invest with impact lenses in our region.

Who are we?

Latimpacto is an ecosystem builder that stands out for increasing the flow of human, intellectual and financial capital directed to impact in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We differentiate ourselves because we are a network of peers, all providers of capital, that under a clear sense of community, create collaborations, learning opportunities and connections along the continuum of capital among actors that invest decisively in the Region.

Continuum of capital

Our strategy emphasizes the generation of impact along the capital continuum, understanding the complementarity of financial resources to generate social and environmental transformations.

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Latimpacto in numbers

We brought together close to 200 impact-minded impact investors-from the private, public and philanthropic sectors-who invest in our region.


People have participated in our training programs.

275 connections

generated in the last 2 years

+10 countries

Latin America and the Caribbean where our members invest.

+80 cases

investors investing in the Region.

We are part of a global network with more than 1,100 members, including 1,100 members members globally.

Our work

We foster connections and offer rigorous learning programs, resources, tools and innovative opportunities that foster the mobilization of capital so that our members' resources can be deployed more strategically.

Our members can access a value offer that contains:

We promote knowledge and learning in impact finance, capital management and measurement, as well as non-financial support. Examples of our knowledge work include:

Mapping Impact Case Studies in Latin America

We documented more than 80 impactful case studies in Latin America, highlighting experiences, learnings and best practices from capital providers across the region.

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Non-Financial Support Tool

Facilitates the structuring and strategic management of non-financial support.

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Innovative Finance Tool

It includes a number of innovative financial instruments that can be used to deploy more capital for impact.

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Impact Overview

An interactive tool that aims to provide information on trends, opportunities and obstacles, and guide your programs and strategies with data-driven processes.

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We manage customized connections according to the interest of our members, project exchange sessions and we have PorImpacto® the unique digital platform for project exchange and connections, where members can share their initiatives and knowledge. Some connection spaces are:

We co-create with our members and allies collaborative programs in critical sectors for the region:

Climate action and natural capital

We seek to highlight natural capital in the fight against climate change and biodiversity conservation.

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Pan Amazonian Ecosystem Program

This initiative mobilizes local and international capital to promote conservation and livelihoods in the Amazon.

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Corporate impact initiative

The challenge of corporate impact is to articulate strategies for deploying impact resources more efficiently.

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Innovation in education

We seek to articulate and disseminate innovative solutions to improve the quality of education in the region.

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Migrant community program

We work in our migrant community program in Mexico and Colombia, with the vision of complementarity of impact capital and the participation of the migrant community in the construction of projects, funds and initiatives.

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Daniel Uribe

Corona Foundation

"Being able to discuss impact and for-impact investment development in the region is valuable enough to be part of Latimpacto."

Ligia Saad

Votorantim Institute

"Socio-environmental problems are complex and to have effective responses we need partnerships. Latimpacto connects complementary potentials and common challenges. I hope the network will grow stronger and wider!"

Rosario Aguilar

Arca Continental

"Since I started having contact with Latimpacto it has been a learning experience. In addition to allowing me to meet colleagues from other countries, it has helped me to better understand the importance of partnerships in building support networks"

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