Welcome to the place where transformative connections happen. Here, we forge unusual partnerships to facilitate exchanges, share experiences and unleash unique collaborations within the impact ecosystem.

Deal Share Sessions

These are connecting spaces where our members make visible their initiatives around a specific topic to make a call to action and involve other members in their projects. In addition to hearing from industry leaders about how they are directing their investments, the impact they generate, their successful practices and the challenges they face.

Are you the one who is going to apply for the next initiative? Don't forget that you will have to take on the following challenges:

- Moderate a few minutes with peers
- Tell the initiatives through a brief pitch.
- To establish alliances to continue with the development of the project.

If you want to participate, apply for the next Deal Share Session at discover the innovative projects you can contribute to.


It is the exclusive platform for our members that presents initiatives and suggests connections. The purpose is to generate strategic alliances, make their projects visible regionally, and thus detonate connections, co-invest in them, or collaborate on them.

What can you find in Porimpacto®?

Go to and register your most innovative initiative.

Through our sister networks, you have direct access to our network of members and more than 1,300 organizations globally. You can request bilateral meetings with them to share ideas, seek advice, and explore collaborative solutions.

How to take advantage of this service? 

First, you must explain your needs to us, and we will manage possible connections for you. As a member organization, you will gain access to first-hand knowledge, exchange experiences, and generate more impact. Finally, you have the option to request strategic mappings and guidance from our team in this process.

Contact us at to maximize your investment potential by increasing your networking. 

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