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Latimpacto and BID Lab Join Forces to Catalyze Change in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Innovation Lab of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDBLab) and Latimpacto have formalized a groundbreaking agreement to collaborate to drive regional development and well-being. In this exciting stride forward, both organizations are pleased to announce the establishment of the Catalytic Green Fund, an initiative conceived to contribute to developing socially and environmentally impactful solutions in the region through an innovative approach to supporting and fostering high-impact ventures.

By strategically combining the resources and expertise the two organizations and the fund partners provide, we aim to strengthen the region’s impact ecosystem with a perspective focused on positive change for the area.

A Fund for Collective Impact and Sustainable Transformation

The Catalytic Green Fund emerges as a pioneering response to present challenges. Its core objective is to unite leading organizations from Latin America and worldwide in an unprecedented alliance to drive decarbonization and Net-Zero solutions. By identifying solutions with technological and nature-based approaches, we aspire to catalyze a profound and meaningful shift in the fight against climate change and environmental protection.

This Fund will work closely with its strategic partners and the market intelligence divisions of IDB Lab and Latimpacto to design a precise methodology that defines the specific focus of the Fund.

The Amazon: A Specific Focus for the Fund

The Fund will have a particular, though not exclusive, focus on Amazon. Here, the Fund will seek to support initiatives that promote Net-Zero solutions in the Amazon basin. The goal is to identify and accelerate innovative ventures that foster the sustainable use of nature in areas such as agroforestry, soil restoration, and other ecosystem services. In this context, we will seek ideas with social empowerment, environmental protection and restoration, and climate-oriented focus, aiming to support efforts to prevent the Amazon basin from reaching a point of no return.

Building a Sustainable Future

Within this framework, we are proud to share our ambitious goals. Within a specified timeframe, we aspire to reduce or avoid approximately 6.2 million tons of carbon dioxide by the fifth year of the Fund. Additionally, we are committed to supporting 400 to 500 entrepreneurs and startups generating or benefiting from decarbonization and Net-Zero solutions in Latin America.

We aim to ensure that women lead at least 40% of these initiatives or have their participation in leadership positions. Our vision also contains the efficient management and restoration of hectares of land and forests contributing to CO2 emissions reduction, supporting the development of activities that promote soil restoration and its sustainable use.

For more information, contact Juan David Ferreira, Director of Programs at Latimpacto, via email: david@latimpacto.org.

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