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The leading regional networks for social investment have  joined forces to form the Global Alliance of Impact Networks 

The Global Alliance of Impact Networks (GAIN) is a collaboration between EVPA,  AVPN, Latimpacto, and AVPA, to accelerate capital for impact globally.  The announcement was made at the AVPN Global Conference in Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia, in front of nearly 1300 delegates. 

July 12, 2023: The Global Alliance of Impact Networks (GAIN), a collaboration between the  leading regional networks for social investment in Europe (EVPA), Asia (AVPN), Latin  America (Latimpacto) and Africa (AVPA), was announced at the AVPN Global Conference  in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on June 21, 2023. Unveiled by Naina Subberwal Batra, GAIN  Board Chair and CEO of AVPN, the Global Alliance will focus on big bet initiatives that  accelerate capital for impact globally.  

Naina Subberwal Batra shared to an audience of nearly 1300 delegates, “I am pleased to  announce that AVPN, together with three other networks that are looking at mobilising  capital for impact across geographies as diverse as Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America  have come together in a group called GAIN or Global Alliance of Impact Networks. We will  be working together on a platform of solutions that can be tapped into by financial and  investment advisors, and financial institutions, to build up a pipeline of investable  opportunities.”  

As referenced in Subberwal Batra’s remarks, the Global Alliance’s first big bet initiative will  be focused on a global platform to help the right money flow to the right opportunities  across the continuum of capital (grants, debt and equity) to maximize social and  environmental impact. Rooted in the insights, ecosystem building experience, and deep  relationships of the regional networks, with 1100+ members across 70 countries, the  platform will streamline impact intelligence, due diligence and impact reporting.  

After 5 years at AVPN and nearly 2 years with the International Venture Philanthropy  Center (IVPC), Allie Hollowell, will lead GAIN as Executive Director and will be building up a  small global team in the coming year to work alongside the four regional networks on this  collaborative effort.  

“Too often,” says Hollowell, “we hear ambitious pledges from funders followed by a  struggle to identify quality pipeline that aligns with their impact goals and reaches  organizations closest to the problems they hope to address. On the flip side, the number  one complaint amongst impact enterprises around the world continues to be access to  capital that meets their needs. We know the breadth and depth of our network is well  positioned to be a conduit between local impact organizations with high integrity and  funders from across the continuum of capital.”

The four regional networks have long been cross-pollinating and collaborating, thanks to  their common founder and seed funder, Doug Miller. Miller, a private equity veteran, often  credited as the ‘Godfather of Venture Philanthropy’ began building the ecosystem for  social investment nearly 20 years ago and has ensured the regional networks, despite  their geographic and cultural diversity, have stayed connected through the years via IVPC.  Miller’s vision and catalytic funding paved the way for the Global Alliance to be formalized  in 2023 and his recent increased support has provided seed capital for GAIN to become  an innovation hub jointly powered by the 4 networks.  

The Chief Executives of EVPA, AVPA and Latimpacto, Roberta Bosurgi, Frank Aswani and  Carolina Suarez (respectively), join Subberwal Batra and impact veterans Paul Shoemaker,  Pablo Gabriel and Leslie Johnston, incumbent IVPC board members, to round out the  governance of the Global Alliance.  

About the Global Alliance for Impact Networks (GAIN): 

The Global Alliance of Impact Networks (GAIN) is a collaboration between the leading regional networks for social investment in Europe (EVPA), Asia (AVPN), Africa (AVPA), and Latin America (Latimpacto) to focus on big bet initiatives that accelerate capital for  impact across the continuum of capital. Powered by the insights and deep relationships  of the four networks through a community of 1100+ impact capital providers, GAIN aims  to strengthen the social investment ecosystem around the world. 

For further information, please contact:  

Mia Floyd: mfloyd@gainalliance.org 

Allie Hollowell: ahollowell@gainalliance.org

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