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We lived The Innovations in International Philanthropy Symposium (by NEID)

The Innovations in International Philanthropy Symposium is a biannual event hosted by NEID (Network of Engaged International Donors) and the Philanthropic Initiative’s (TPI) Center for Global Philanthropy in Boston Massachusetts in September 2023. 

The Symposium brings together donors, foundations, companies, and investors actively engaged in international philanthropy and seeking to propel the capacity and impact of their globally-minded work. The Symposium is designed to support the growth of strategic and collaborative international philanthropy by offering participants the opportunity to explore trends in philanthropy, gain practical skills and knowledge to increase the levels and impact of their giving across borders, learn from peers, and network with funders actively engaged in supporting international development efforts.

Latimpacto was invited alongside AVPN and GAIN to impart a workshop on Catalytic Capital, which used case studies from Asia and Latin America to exemplify innovative ways in which capital can be deployed towards impact. Participants were then grouped by their geographic region of interest and continued the conversation, sharing insights, experiences, and challenges. 

GAIN also hosted a side event in which the work of the regional networks was presented to a group of 50 international donors, inviting them to know more about our work in the regions and having group discussions on effective investment strategies for achieving social and environmental impact.

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