Corporate impact initiative

At Latimpacto we are convinced that more impact is possible!

Corporates are key players in the Latin American impact ecosystem, with rapid growth and dynamic innovation and development processes in our region.

The challenge of corporate impact is to align impact strategies with the company's vision, holistically, to deploy resources more efficiently.

The objective of our Corporate Impact Initiative

A comprehensive and coherent approach that contributes to corporate purpose and triple bottom line impact.

Strengthen the impact capabilities of corporate teams and corporate impact vehicles.

Develop a thriving impact ecosystem.

We guide our members through comprehensive corporate impact management within companies and their Corporate Impact Vehicles (CVIs), so that from their strategic philanthropic initiatives and ESG standards, they deploy investments with greater impact.

Corporate impact initiative

Conversation space with Daniel Pérez García Impact Investment Leader, Grupo Bancolombia

Why is it important to generate conversations about Corporate Social Stakeholders?

To achieve the systemic changes towards sustainability that our economic model requires, large corporations must rethink their role as social actors, evolving their CSR programs and bringing impact truly to the core of the business. Only within the business model of large organizations is the scale and true capacity to make meaningful contributions to the SDGs. This change of vision requires deep conviction from the organization's leaders, because they will likely encounter resistance to change from some stakeholders along the way. At the same time, having a network of allies to share experiences can be of great help, capitalizing on learnings and avoiding unnecessary pain.

Only within the business model of large organizations is the scale and true ability to make meaningful contributions to the SDGs.

What value do you see in Latimpacto as a facilitator of these conversations?

Latimpacto, as a network of strategic philanthropy and impact investment in Latin America and the Caribbean, can play the role of promoter and ally in the construction of the identity of corporate social actor within large organizations. Its comprehensive vision as an articulator of the continuum of capital and the experience of its allied networks allows it to facilitate the convening of internal and external audiences for the development of that identity. As founding partners of Latimpacto, we are convinced of the opportunity and responsibility that all corporations have, based on our role, to improve the levels of equity and economic development in our region; and that through dialogue, network building and social fabric, this transformation can be accelerated.

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