Innovation in Education

We seek to articulate and disseminate innovative solutions to improve the quality of education in the region, bringing together actors such as:

To achieve this, we have created the STEM Philanthropic Fund, which aims to support social enterprises and NGOs that develop and implement solutions to strengthen K-12 education in science, technology, sustainability, engineering, mathematics, and the arts. The goal is to foster innovative teaching methodologies and prepare children of all backgrounds to become leaders and innovators in tomorrow's society.

Importance of STEAM education:

Data on STEM education in the region highlight significant gaps and emphasize the urgent need for this type of education. Latin America must catch up to other regions in STEM-related fields, resulting in limited technological advances, economic growth, and innovation. For example, the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Index reveals lower scores for Latin American countries in technological readiness and innovation than their global counterparts. In addition, UNESCO reports a need for more qualified STEM professionals in Latin America, with only 2.3% of the total employed population working in STEM fields, well below the global average of 7%.

In addition to the gaps with other countries and regions, there are disparities within Latin American countries, showing that students from urban households learn more about STEM-related fields than students in rural areas. Gaps are also evident among students from low-income households and students who are indigenous, African American or disabled.

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