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A social investment network operating in Latin America. We connect more than 200 stakeholders who share a common impact orientation and seek to generate positive changes in society and the environment.

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We are present in Latin America and the Caribbean

We drive social and environmental change with our members from Mexico to Argentina and Chile. 


A community of peers, where each is protagonist

From Latimpacto I am a relevant actor: I connect with peers who share my interest in maximizing impact with invested capital.

I gain access to knowledge and conversations that are translated into the strengthening of of my strategy and in the generation of new alliances and collaborations.

At Latimpacto I meet with donor foundations, family offices, philanthropists, corporations, impact funds, accelerators, consultants, that regardless of their nationality, we are united by the same interest: strengthen our impact and strategically invest our resources in resources.

Latimpacto is the community doogether we generate more impact social and environmental which is reflected in better conditions for the people living in LAC and the planet.

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