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Code of practice for Latimpacto members

1. Every member will hold values of total respect and inclusion, where all opinions have a place, without political, religious, geographical, gender, or social class preferences. 

2. Every member will practice and promote ethical behavior.

3. No member will misrepresent its relationship with Latimpacto and will not disclose any confidential or private information received from Latimpacto.

4. No members shall malign, defame, or unfairly criticize any other member in any dealings. The contents, materials, and opinions of members are the sole responsibility of that third party and do not represent the opinions or views of Latimpacto.

5. Every member will comply with all legal requirements in the respective countries in which it operates.

6. Every member will maintain accounts per the standards and practices in their respective countries and be transparent concerning income, expenditure, and assets.

7. Every member will declare and ensure that their income comes from legal activities, that do not fall within one of the categories of money laundering, understood as the set of procedures used to change the identity of the money obtained illegally so that it appears to have been obtained from legitimate sources. These procedures include concealing the true origin and ownership of the funds. 

8. Every member will state that itself and the companies, business groups, or people that provide resources to it, if this occurs, duly comply with the laws and the payment of taxes and that they have not been convicted of crimes such as corruption, violation of human rights, money laundering, and tax evasion, among others. 

9. The accesses assigned to each organization for browsing Porimpacto are exclusive to users. The information they access on the platform should be kept from colleagues outside the member organization. 

10. Latimpacto is committed to creating a safe and open environment where our community can collaborate free from solicitation in any form. All types of solicitation are strictly prohibited.  Our non-solicitation policy covers all summits, webinars, courses, meetings, and other Latimpacto-sponsored events, trips, and delegations. 

Each Latimpacto member will:

  1. Be an ally and multiplier of the good name and purpose of Latimpacto and actively participate in the activities promoted by  Latimpacto. 
  2. Disseminate what Latimpacto does and promote its participation in the activities programmed by Latimpacto.
  3. Share institutional information, knowledge, good practices, methodologies, tools, and lessons learned with Latimpacto to strengthen the joint construction process and seek a collective impact on social and environmental challenges.

The contents, materials, and opinions of third parties outside Latimpacto are the sole responsibility of that third party and do not commit Latimpacto.

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