Migrant Community Program

Opportunity Builder for Migrant Women

We know that migrating is not an easy decision. Whether for climatic reasons or to escape domestic violence, many women are forced to leave their homes behind and seek a new beginning. But behind every migration story is untapped potential.

At the Opportunity Builder, we believe in the critical role that women play as entrepreneurs, employees, customers and leaders. We want to give them the visibility they deserve and help them scale the impact ecosystem that surrounds their lives. This initiative is in the design phase and is currently looking for organizations to support it.

With the support of committed actors, we will seek to increase development opportunities for migrant women. We want to reduce the likelihood that they will resort to informal, precarious and even illegal livelihoods. For this reason, our program includes spaces for empowerment, training and comprehensive support.

By working hand in hand with migrant women, we will be able to share relevant information to companies, governments, investors, donors and cooperants on support models and financing instruments so that they can advance in interventions with their vision and priorities as a starting point.

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Write to David Ferreira, david@latimpacto.org and Itziar Amuchástegui, itziar@latimpacto.org

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