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Deal Share Session Water and Sanitation: a meeting to generate synergies and scale impact 

On May 4th we held the Deal Share Session focused on Water and Sanitation. Five members participated and shared their initiatives and experiences with us. The result? The possibility of generating more impact in the sector through collaboration and new connections. Here we tell you more about this event. 

Committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and bearing in mind those focused on health, the well-being of communities and the care of ecosystems, at Latimpacto we carry out the Deal Share Session focused on Clean Water and Sanitation.

Thanks to this event and the more than forty participants, we achieved our goal of generating alliances. In addition, the five speakers promoted the exchange of methodologies and experiences.

Below, we tell you more about each initiative:

Inter-American Foundation, Mexico

Focused on sustainable development, its purpose is to promote and invest in citizen-led community initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

The project they shared in our Deal Share Session was Water in our hands: Strengthening Autonomous Water Committees for integrated water management in the central region of Mexico.

Due to the unequal access to water in Mexico, the Inter-American Foundation decided to promote the ControlaTuGobierno (CTG) initiative in order to promote the right of access to public information, particularly among those communities that are excluded from decision-making processes. In this way, communities are able to prevent corruption, increase their participation in decision-making and improve democracy. 

In the area of water, the project has helped people exercise their rights, improve their management capacity, build a network among community committees and make progress in the treatment of and access to this resource. It is expected that with the results of this meeting, CTG will strengthen nine community water committees in four Mexican states through training, technical assistance and support for a regional grassroots network.

In addition, thanks to the meeting, One Drop Foundation expressed its intention to learn about CTG's methodology to strengthen the water committees in which it has an impact and, on the other hand, EOS International mentioned that they are willing to share experiences and knowledge, since they also work with water boards in Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador with their "Circuit Rider" model.


The CTG methodology broadens the scope of our partners to apply it to other territories and approaches such as community planning, mining, public infrastructure, women's rights and other areas of public interest.

One Drop Foundation Inc., Latin America and the Caribbean 

Their purpose is to ensure sustainable access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene in communities facing extreme barriers. Hand in hand with innovation, creativity and the power of art, they also contribute to climate action. 

With the project Lazos de Agua, second phaseThe ABCs for Sustainability model, according to the organization, "proposes a perspective that intentionally requires adaptability with each project considering the context of each country, the work model of each implementing partner and the local population of the communities. In addition, they implement the Social Art for Behavior Change (SABC) approach.


By 2030, the second phase of Lazos de Agua will contribute to improving the living conditions of at least one million people in Latin America and the Caribbean through sustainable access to ASH services. To achieve this, the One Drop Foundation in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), The Coca-Cola Foundation and FEMSA Foundation have earmarked USD 20,000,000 and their challenge is to reach USD 75,000,000.

With the meeting, we were able to get four organizations to express their interest in collaborating with One Drop Foundation Inc:

  • IAF proposed a second meeting to learn about their methodology and learn from the results they have obtained. 
  • Incofin Invest Management expects to collaborate in different projects related to access to water. 
  • EOS International mentioned that it wants to explore ways to collaborate as they scale up their water quality program in Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador. 
  • Inter-American Foundation aims to compare experiences and share knowledge that will allow both organizations to compare their experiences on issues related to access to water. 

Incofin Americas SAS, Colombia

It has been focused on promoting inclusive progress for more than 20 years. With its project Water Access Acceleration Fund (W2AF) seek to accelerate access to safe and affordable drinking water through private capital investment. 

Your pitch in our Deal Share Session The main purpose of the event was to share its initiative in order to learn about new markets and territories, collaborate with institutions and investors already active in the water sector or interested in potential co-investments, and meet companies and entrepreneurs in the sector with whom they can forge alliances. 


The expected impact of W2AF by 2030 is to provide 20 trillion liters of safe, clean water to 30 million people globally. 

With its pitch in the Deal Share Session They caught the attention of the One Drop Foundation, which hopes to maintain contact to share experiences and knowledge. 

Votorantim Institute, Brazil

A Brazilian social organization that operates as a center of applied intelligence and develops and implements social and environmental solutions. 

With its project iV Ventures, focus on supporting new companies in three strategic sectors: 

  • Water and sanitation
  • Low carbon economy
  • Social housing


Its impact is focused on investments preseed y seed between USD 10,000 and USD 100,000 with the objective of consolidating the impact thesis of the companies, validating their market fit and find those that have the potential to gain access to Votorantim Group companies.

In essence, their iV Ventures initiative becomes a bridge that prepares companies to become more attractive and receive new investors. In addition, they contribute with non-financial support, such as the generation of new connections, access to knowledge and resources, and the evaluation, measurement and monitoring of the impact thesis of each nascent company. 

With this in mind, three organizations expressed interest in iV Ventures:

  • One Drop Foundation, which hopes to expand to Brazil, would like to talk to the institute about collaboration possibilities.
  • CIEDS sees the institute as an opportunity for the ventures it has incubated in some of its social projects.
  • For Incofin IM there is investment potential thanks to the stages of the iV Ventures process. Thus, they see the possibility of collaborating with pipeline or co-investments in the water sector. 

Iguá Institute, Brazil

With conviction, they recognize that the ideal way to generate a positive transformation in their territory is through articulation. Thus, they focus on four axes to expand their social and environmental impact framed in water sanitation:

1. Promote access to treated water and sanitation for communities in situations of extreme poverty.


2. Stimulate the creation of innovative water and sanitation solutions.

3. Develop educational initiatives on the importance of the water cycle.

4. Consolidate an active position in contributing to the formulation of public policies for the sector.


With its project Fundo Ipu - Water & Sanitation Venture Philanthropy seek to promote innovation and the expansion of impact in the sanitation sector in Brazil. With this revolving fund they hope to bring together social investors to support companies and organizations with social impact that develop solutions focused on this sector. 

Profits from this revolving fund are reinvested in other organizations to maintain long-term financial sustainability. The total value of your project is US$500,000. 

With this meeting, One Drop Foundation expressed its desire to expand to Brazil and learn more about the experience of the institute in order to build future partnerships. Likewise, CIEDS, current partners of Iguá, put on the table the possibility of replicating the fund in other projects that they support.

Inconfin Invest Management proposed a second meeting to develop the potential for collaboration between the two organizations through co-investment and the pooling of companies with similar interests. Likewise, the Inter-American Foundation expressed its desire to share experiences and knowledge. 

Alliances that transcend investment 

As we saw, the projects presented in our Water and Sanitation session have a transcendental impact on the territories. The main purpose of each of the organizations presented was to expand their portfolio of allies to learn about new methodologies, success stories and best practices that help them improve their own initiatives and ensure that their investment is executed in the best possible way. 

At Latimpacto we believe in and promote the three OCs: co-invest, collaborate and co-create, and we are aware that our role of maximizing impact in Latin America is possible thanks to the union of wills and collaboration. 

In our Deal Share Session we realized, once again, that separate organizations can make a good impact, but when we come together, connect, collaborate and scale our processes, the impact reaches higher levels.


With this event we achieved fifteen networking opportunities in which the participating organizations requested second meetings with the applicants to continue generating synergies and expanding their impact to more territories. 

Do you want to learn more about our work or participate in this kind of spaces? Our doors are open! Write to us through our social networks, at porimpacto@latimpacto.org or to the contact form you can find on our website latimpacto.org

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