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Lessons from Cirque du Soleil for the Impact Ecosystem 

On Thursday, March 30, we were invited by our member One Drop and its program Lazos de Agua, in alliance with our members Coca-Cola and Femsa, to the premier Bazzar of Circo del Sol -funding partner of One Drop Foundation- in Bogota. In addition to the show, it was the perfect moment to tell the results of the first stage of the program and to launch the second version of the program for Colombia. 

The importance of water and access to it (SDG 6) lies in the determining effects it has on other impact goals such as health, zero hunger, education, environment, etc. According to the UN: 

● 3 out of 10 people lack access to safe drinking water services and 6 out of 10 lack access to safely managed sanitation facilities.

● Women and girls are the water collectors in 80% of households without access to piped water. 

● Water scarcity affects more than 40% of the world's population and this percentage is expected to increase. 

● 4 billion people lack access to basic sanitation services, such as toilets or latrines. 

● More than 80% of wastewater resulting from human activities is discharged into rivers or the sea without any treatment, resulting in their pollution. 

● Every day, about 1,000 children die due to diarrheal diseases associated with poor hygiene. 

The Lazos de agua program thus seeks to contribute to and improve the above while contributing to quality of life for people in Latin America through access to water, sanitation, hygiene and the power of art. 

So what does Cirque du Soleil have to do with all this? 

The Canadian entertainment company has been characterized by its innovative approach, for being pioneers in the materialization of the theories of the blue ocean and undoubtedly, for the creativity in the production of circus shows. In addition to the recognized and exciting shows, Cirque du Soleil teaches us several valuable lessons for the impact ecosystem and to take advantage of the many opportunities we have in Latin America: 

1. The importance of creativity and innovation: Cirque du Soleil has challenged traditional circus boundaries and created a unique style that has attracted audiences around the world. 

The impact ecosystem and impact investing should be highlighted in terms of innovation and creativity: from innovative finance, non-financial support and different forms of impact measurement. Being able to think outside the box is key to maximizing social, environmental and economic impact. Organizations that stand out in the ecosystem and make a difference are those that are able to go beyond the conventional and unite elements that seem disparate to create innovative strategies that benefit more stakeholders. 

Hacking the traditional can help us move forward in a more efficient and win-win way.

2. The importance of teamwork: Cirque du Soleil shows are the result of highly coordinated teamwork. From the artists to the technicians and designers, everyone works together to create an unforgettable experience for the audience. 

This teaches us the importance of working together to achieve common goals, even if each actor in the impact ecosystem is apparently different and pursues different goals; from the talent, experience and focus of each one, the impact will be maximized when we see the whole, a higher common purpose, create synergies and complement each other. The Cirque du Soleil show is beautiful, it shows the act of each artist as unique, in the end, a great work is orchestrated with the talent of each actor. 

For example, the water focus of the Water Ties Program touches on so many issues that it takes several "artists" to achieve the desired purpose. 

3. The ability to overcome physical and mental limits: Cirque du Soleil artists perform acts that seem impossible and require a great deal of physical and mental skills. This shows us that with dedication and practice, we can overcome our limits and achieve things we never thought possible. 

In terms of impact, there is no last word or unique paths; we need to learn from experiences and experiences that allow us to move forward as we listen, reflect and, with perseverance, overcome limits and obstacles to maximize impact. 

Many times we feel we are doing a high-risk show or juggling our impact strategies, leaning on others is the key to overcome those limits and achieve a good performance. 

At Latimpacto we are convinced that through knowledge, connections and collaboration, we can appropriate these lessons. Our more than 160 members count on our passion to orchestrate a work that, with innovation, teamwork and a desire to move forward, maximizes the impact it generates in Latin America.

Year: 2023

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